EBA – Your Manufacturing Partner

„We are a family enterprise, open to partnership cooperation. We offer complex solutions – contract manufacturing, managing projects and Engineered-to-Order production. In our projects we combine metal, which is the basis of our activity, with different materials, graphics, and electricity. We have mastered the art of combining materials owing to, among others, many years of cooperation with clients of POS industry – an industry characterised by a high dynamics of change and short product shelf-life. Interested in cooperation? You are welcome to contact us.”

Jakub Bobusia, CEO

Jakub Bobusia, CEO

Tomasz Drozd

„Each project is assigned with a team of experts (a project manager, a construction engineer, a process engineer), who manage the order step by step.We provide technical documentation, project, prototype, assembly, storage and delivery to a destination indicated by the Client.We always strive to meet our clients’ expectations, offeringa flexible approach to work.”

Tomasz Drozd, Head of Project Management

„We wish for our Clients to share our cooperation values. We do have the proper competence and technological base to execute a prototype based on a picture. Most frequently, however, we work with 3D models submitted by the Client.”

Leszek Słomak, Business Development Director

Leszek Słomak, Dyrektor Rozwoju

Our team is made up of 250 qualified employees

7500 m2 of our plant area is reserved for metal processing

we process 3000 tons of steel a year

we receive about 200 new requests for proposal a month

of which we execute on average over 50 prototypes a month

the safety of your project is supervised by one of our 9 project managers

in cooperation with a team of 12 process engineers and construction engineers

we manage projects in any of the 5 languages: Polish, English, German, French, Dutch

Interested in cooperation with EBA?