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EBA Sp. z o.o. implements a project funded with European Funds
„Market introduction of an innovative vending machine”

The objective of the project is to implement atechnology for production of vending machines with a new structure of the key elements: door, product drawers; production of releasing springs, and with Sense&Smell system that gives off smells to attract the customer’s attention. All of the solutions make for a technology that has not been employed before in this industry in Poland.

The new solutions will involve the essentialtechnical parameters of the machine. New door and drawers will enable the sale of heavier products and of goods which require relatively low temperatures when being stored.This will solve the problems related to the longevity of products in machines, and make it possible to place machines in more difficult environments, e.g. in environments with higher temperatures. The new machines are mainly intended for sale of food products (meals, snacks, etc.), for which storage conditions are a crucial factor.

Realisation of the project will allow the Company to implement the findings of the research and development works that have been conducted in the enterprise for a few years. What’s more, it will enable a considerable modernisation of the existing machine park as well as production processes automation.

The project will also contribute to the enhancement of the company’s competitive position in the vending machines segment, enabling the Polish brand to develop on global markets.

Project value: 6,481,300.00 PLN
Funding from the ERDF: 2,527,707.00 PLN


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