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Our management

We are a family company open to partnership-based cooperation

We offer comprehensive solutions - contract manufacturing, managing projects and engineering to order. In our work we combine metal, being the basis of our business, with different materials, graphics as well as advanced electrical engineering. ”

Jakub Bobusia, CEO

Our management

Production is understanding and adapting

To us production is more than just producing the end product. It is looking after the smallest details of the project. Checking, testing, consulting, adapting, understanding. It is continuous improvement at every step of the work.”

Michał Kołodziejczyk, CPO

Our management

Supportive business model

In applying our business model, we always stay in the shadow. It is the client who plays first fiddle. We merely select and implement appropriate solutions for the given project.”

Edyta Grzmil - Delimata, CFO

eba METAL in numbers

2780 tonnes

we processed about 2780 tonnes of steel yearly

15000 m2

of the total works area we assigned to metal and other material processing


project managers


we execute 61 prototypes monthly


we work in 5 languages

Polish, English, German, French, Italian


we receive about 290 requests for quotation monthly

we receive about 290 requests for quotation monthly


we employ 300 specialized employees

experts from the region, experienced practitioners, people who are open and willing to learn


a team of 22 process engineers and designers

Our team

Consistent values, consistent goal

It is important to us that our Customers share our values concerning co-operation. Therefore, we usually work on 3D models submitted by the client. With a consistent goal at hand - the ready design - we adapt the technology and select the appropriate materials.”

Leszek Słomak, retired technology director (25 years of seniority at the company)

Our team

Comprehensive project management

For each project we delegate a team of specialists (project manager, designer, process engineer) who monitor the performance of every step, starting from collating the technical documentation, through prototype, production, installation and delivery to the site indicated by you - always coordinating the complete project in an agile manner. ”

Tomasz Drozd, Senior Project Manager

Our team

Quality as the basis for execution

I prioritize the highest quality of raw material. I care for the smallest detail of the project already at raw material supplying stage. Therefore, we purchase only from proven suppliers with many years' history of working together.”

Dariusz Kuliga, Purchasing Manager

Our story, our roots

We are in business since 1978

Our first steps we made on only 20 m2, starting with the production of power and mechanical tools. Today, thanks to the family collaboration and will to continue developing, our production space is over 15000 m2. For 45 years we have been gathering expert knowledge that gives our customers safety and peace of mind with respect to both quality as well as timeliness.

Andrzej Bobusia, Owner, Company Founder

Our quality

I have worked at EBA for over 22 years

To me, the most important thing is quality. I will not release the end product from the line if I notice any defect.”

Wacław Kwiatkowski, Head of Quality Control

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