11.04.2022 r.

eba JOB fairs

On April 8, 2022, we took part in the Krosno Job Fair, organized by the Career and Internship Office of the Carpathian State University in Krosno.


Our team of 3:

?Aneta Gąsior – head of the personnel and administration department – master of recruitment, onboarding and administration
?Tomasz Kielar – director of development and production preparation – expert in the field of development and implementation of innovative technologies,
?Dominik Bober – project engineer, 3D printing specialist, graduate of the Carpathian State University in Krosno,


shared knowledge – both from the perspective of a young employee and an employee developing their competences in our organization – about the recruitment and work process in our company.




Why is the local Job Fair particularly important to us at the stage of looking for new employees? Well, one of our core corporate values is to act in accordance with the idea of “think globally, act locally”. As an international company, we do not set any territorial boundaries for ourselves, but as a socially responsible organization, we focus on our immediate surroundings and on how WE influence each other.


Participation in local events, such as the aforementioned fairs, gives us the opportunity to train future employees in practice, and even to employ specialists who come from or live in our environment.

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