11.08.2021 r.


Reaching back to the Olympic Games in TOKIO & inspired by healthy competition, we prepared mini-games ourselves;)


We present below a thematic project that combines everyday use in eba sp.z o.o. materials:


Probably most of you associate us with projects based on metalworking, the question is whether with other materials as well?


Details of the competition are available on our LinkedIN profile. You can win eba corporate surprises – challenge IT!!!




The above project would not have been possible without the participation of: Dominik Bober (3D specialist), Piotr Węgrzyn (coordinator of the innovation and development department), Michał Mącidym (plastics engineer), Paweł Michałek (printing machines operator), Piotr Siudak (cutting coordinator), Paweł Tomoń (paint shop coordinator) and our CEO Jakuba Bobusia.

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