21.08.2020 r.

Microsoft 365 environment’s training

🌞SUMMER🏝 is a right time to prepare for the next production season. That is why we use this time, among the others to strengthen our competences.

The first part of the training – for all employees who use the tools offered by Microsoft 365 on a daily basis – is behind us. The training in Office 365 was run by an outstanding expert, translator from IT 👩🏻‍💻 to Polish – Marta Czapik.


Today, when the world has turned upside down, it seems that we can train everywhere 🌎 (in the office 🖨, at home📺, at NATIONAL STADIUM👕, at the beach 🏖, ON-LINE 💻🖥).


It’s been a month since the training, and we are challenging the Microsoft’s tools. For many TEAMS communicator turned out to be a HIT.


The next stage will run at the beginning of the coming school year.




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