22.03.2024 r.

eba on the STOM metal processing fair

We consider the STOM-metal processing fair, which begins the Industrial Spring, to be a success🌷.


An amazing “show” dedicated to almost every industry in which machines, tools, measurements, lasers, prototyping, etc. appear – from suppliers of metal technologies, through manufacturers using the offered tools, to recipients, final customers. We couldn’t miss such an unique event. Driven by knowledge and curious about new technologies, we visited the Kielce trade fair center.


The fair was impressive in size. Over 700 exhibitors from 21 countries. Presentations of modern CNC machines, machine tools and milling machines, presentations of equipment for forming and processing sheet metal, demonstrations of metal cutting, lasers and laser technologies, welding and industrial robot demonstrations, and 3D printer demonstrations.


We would like to thank our representation for participating, for valuable conversations and new business contacts.

It’s time to implement observations and confront them with the market 🦾.

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