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For the third year in a row, we have conducted a customer satisfaction survey. The aim of the research was: 


🟠 checking the level of satisfaction of our clients with the projects we implement 

🟠 verifying customers’ knowledge about our production capabilities 

🟠 simplifying and improving those areas of business cooperation that, according to our clients, require more attention. 


118 people took part in the survey. 60 people gave us resnpond – for which we thank them very much 🙏🏻. Tah gave us general feedback = 50.85% 


In a few sentences – what did we ask our customers? We divided the survey into several areas.  


🟠The first one was aimed at VERIFYING THE GENERAL EVALUATION OF COOPERATION with us, assessing the quality of completed projects, timeliness, and price competitiveness. 


On a scale of 1-10, where 1 was the lowest and 10 was the highest, it looked like this 👇 

🤝🏻THE AVERAGE OVERALL COOPERATION RATING given to us by our clients was 👉 8.72 points. 

🤝🏻the average rating of OUR QUALITY according to eba customers was as much as 8.88 points, 

🤝🏻average assessment of PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION TIME (LEADTIME) for our clients = 7.58 

🤝🏻average rating of the PRICE we offer = 7.10 POINTS. 


🟠The second stage VERIFIED OUR CUSTOMERS’ KNOWLEDGE ABOUT OUR PRODUCTION CAPABILITIES. We have been involved in metal processing for over 45 years. For almost 10 years we offer wood-like materials working. Printing and plastics for about 5 years. We admit that many of our business relationships are based strongly on our fundamental competences, i.e. metal processing, which is clearly visible in the survey. Therefore, sharing with our clients information about our broader capabilities – opportunities that provide our clients with many measurable benefits (such as: faster project implementation time, lower implementation price, efficient – compatible – assembly) – seems to be right at this point of cooperation😉  


🟠The third stage served to VERIFY THE AREAS WHICH, according to our clients, WE SHOULD WORK ON, modify and develop, in order to make our cooperation even more efficient, more lasting, “dedicated”, because it recognizes the real needs of our clients and provides optimal solutions to these needs. 


Thank you once again for participating in the survey. It will help us to look inside our organization and improve it. It has also contributed something special. Together we have supported the Special Educational and Educational Center in Krosno (an institution supporting children and young people with disabilities). The support has not being a coincidence, but our declaration that for each well-completed survey we will donate a specific amount of euro to the previously indicated local charity institution. We’ve managed to collect 60 responses and the amount of support was EUR 1,000. 💪🏻💪🏻🙏🏻 THANK YOU our clients! And thank YOU #ebaTEAM. That is our SUCCESS.  


Would you like to learn more about the survey results? Contact us at 

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